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Amalgamation of agriculture and technology has opened a new aspect, which has opened vast job opportunities. If you have earned a college degree in agricultural technology or engineering or have significant job training in this field, then you can certainly secure a position in this arena. This is a highly booming sector, where there is a demand of both skilled and unskilled people. There are many candidates who have not done any college degree, but with the help of training, they have already secured a position in this field. There are plenty of job roles in the agricultural business, let’s find out a few of them:

Business management job

The business management job in the agricultural jobs field in Queensland can drive your career objective, if you are very much interested in dealing with the real time scenario of agri businesses. The management or supervisory or co-ordination job requires skilled people, who are enthusiastic and capable to handle the respective job roles.

Farm manager

The farm mangers need to handle herculean tasks as they have to take up the responsibility to handle the entire farm. The farm management jobs are for capable and qualified people, who already have theoretical and practical knowledge of handling the tasks. The farm management also comprises of management of orchids, piggery, dairy farms or even poultry. So, you have to be challenging in nature to accept the roles.

Production manager in the farm production unit

The production mangers are responsible for handling the production units and supervise the right approach of production. They are also responsible to achieve the targeted production of the farm.

Sales and marketing unit for farm production

In agricultural business, the sales and marketing team has a huge role to play. If you are entitled for the job, then you would have to market the productions and handle sales figures. Sales skills are requisite for such roles.

Pack house coordination, management and overseas business deals

The packing houses of the farm productions also open a wonderful opportunity for the skilled people. Along with packing, skilled people are also required to handle the overseas business deals and business sales figures.

Irrigation supervisor and project manager

The irrigation or water supply to the farms is very much necessary and without it the entire farm can collapse. There are several roles for skilled workers to start their career in such a field. Along with that a horticulture management unit or team is also required to play a pivotal role in the production and management of farm products. So, if you have the skill, willingness and a degree in the same, you can certainly become a prime face in the agri-businesses.