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Canaan Lawyers is a multi cultural, multi lingual law firm made with the sole thought in mind that all Australians should be given the same kind of legal service. As a firm, we realize that there are a lot of immigrants, including Chinese, coming into Australia and that they are not all getting the same treatment as others. We understand their plight, not only because we are a diverse team including Asians but also because we sympathize with the common man. Although our justice system is fair, poor representation can hurt the case just as much as good representation can do wonders for it.

So whether you are an immigrant or a local, whether you speak a different language or plain English, Canaan Lawyers will help you through it. Our team of lawyers can speak various languages including fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, so you won’t have to worry about any miscommunication of information.


Our litigation lawyers will always have your back and will only do what is in your best interests, so it doesn’t matter to us if you are a defendant or a plaintiff. They will be with you from the first day you walk into our office to the last, when you finally walk out of the court room for the last time. 

Family Law

Our team of family lawyers will advise you and your family on all matters, whether private or business. If you are looking to expand a family business or make changes to the ownership and control of said business or even looking to acquire a new one, Chinese lawyers Melbourne is where you should come. We also give advice and provide services if you want to take your money and business out of Australia. Since our team is experienced and from all over the world, they have extensive knowledge about doing business in the Asia Pacific region and about the market trends and whatnot, so they are the top most experts to come to.

Our wide portfolio of clients includes some of the most top ranked brands around the globe. And our repeat business with them suggests nothing else than the simple fact that they are more than happy with our way of doing things.


That is not all. We do representation at all levels, no matter how big or small. No discrimination is our rule. So, even if someone you know was caught over speeding or driving without a proper permit, for example, we will be there for you. Our traffic offence lawyers will give you the best advice and if found guilty, we will get you the least possible ‘punishment’ as possible. It may not seem much, but the breaking of traffic laws can sometimes lead to extremely harsh repercussions. Our professionals will do everything in their power to avoid that.
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There are situations where you can always ask for financial coverage for the injuries you have suffered. Of course, not all injuries fall under this category. Especially, something we have to go through because of some kind of action we ourselves did is not going to qualify as a moment where we should get financial coverage for the injuries.

With the situations where we can ask for financial coverage we will get what we should get if the people we are dealing with are ready to fulfil their responsibility. When you see them not wanting to do that you should approach the problem with a good attorney. The qualified motor vehicle accident lawyers are a kind of attorneys who can help you with such situations. There are couple of moments where you can definitely ask for financial coverage for the injuries you have suffered.

Car Crashes

When you have to get injured due to a car crash that was someone else’s fault you should definitely get paid for the injuries you have to go through. It is only natural. Usually, the insurance policy the driver who got your into this kind of a trouble has covers this aspect. If you make the right demand they are going to pay you the damages.

Work Injuries

We can see how people go through work injuries all the time. Most of the time, the people who have to suffer such injuries are those who work with machinery for their work. There are times when taking safety measures will not be enough. There can always be unexpected moments where you suffer injuries at the workplace. If the company is a good one they will pay you what you should get for the damages you have suffered without having to involve any personal injury lawyers Perth.

Injuries as a Result of Using a Certain Product

Sometimes we suffer from injuries or illnesses because we use a certain product. We do not sign up to use a product to get hurt or to get sick. However, if a certain product makes us so we have all the right to demand for financial coverage we have to go through.

Injuries due to Medical Negligence

There are also moments when our conditions worsen when the people who are supposed to treat us end up providing us the wrong care or not providing the care we need at all.

In all of these situations you can ask for financial coverage for the injuries you have suffered. An attorney can help to make sure you get that.

Nowadays people come across various disasters that are happening because of multiple reasons. Whatever may be the reason, the people who have been the victims are suffering along with their families. When an accident occurs, along with the victims their family members also hurt a lot. Various factors contribute to the occurrence of accidents in different ways. When it happens people can get severe or minor injuries or else sometimes they may even lose their lives. Many welfare organizations along with the support of local governing bodies are trying to bring awareness to the people.

The factors that can become the critical reasons for the occurrence of accidents include:

  • Bad climatic conditions
  • The worse working condition of the vehicle
  • Lack of efficient driving skills
  • Drunk and drive situations
  • And Bad roads with uncontrollable speed etc.

It can be the known mistake of the people who drink and drive, and they need to get the punishment from the proper channel. Drink driving lawyers Campbelltown can help the accused of getting out of these cases with minimal sanctions such as a penalty. The rules and regulations vary from place to place and depending on the local government policies. In some countries, the traffic department can have the right to cancel the license of the person who commits the accident or tries to break any rules. It can be the responsibility of the people to follow the traffic rules and to avoid the speed driving to reduce the happening of accidents in worse situations.

Sometimes they can also be charged under the criminal case, and it can become impossible for the people to come out of extreme worse situations. Today most of the people feel that attending courts and facing the legal issues can be stressful with mental pressure and tension. So they prefer hiring the best criminal lawyers Blacktown to meet the circumstances and to defend themselves from the opponents. It can be easy for the people to engage the professional advocates having good experience in dealing with such issues. Many legitimate companies have been offering their services through online portals. Expert legal advisors can communicate with their clients and analyze the situations.

They can perform their best and help them to come out of these issues. Especially in case of accident issues, the culprits can be charged and sentenced with imprisonment along with the penalty. To avoid such circumstances, they need to hire the experts. Different professionals deal with varying types of problems depending on their experience and expertise. The lawbreakers can get strict punishment from the court of law so that no others can violate the rules. The constitution has been providing the particular right to the citizens and fights for justice in the court of law has been the authoritative medium.

Becoming rich does not happen overnight. However, few get lucky and become rich overnight. Becoming rich means that your life is settled. The things that you would have worries as a normal average person like grocery shopping, clothes, vehicles, and a house all would be taken care by your maids, assistance, secretaries and securities. Though being rich means having a luxurious life there are also things that a rich person should worry about. Becoming rich has its own perks as well as its bad effects.

Constant fear of becoming poor.

A poor person will not have to go through the fear about becoming rich or losing their property because even if they face a difficulty they would be used to adopting for such a situation. However, this is so not the same for a rich person. A rich person will have to run an empire. This includes his personal work, his company of job, his servants, and to pay governments taxes. Failure to focus on any of these factors will result in major downfalls for him or her. They should keep themselves updated on the new technologies and the ways to stay rich. Therefore, many rich people try to educate themselves as much as they can and try to have people who are educated to work under them.

Finding an honest. Truthful life partner.

Well, we all believe in the concept of ‘falling in love’. A poor man will completely trust in his or her partner because there is no reason for a poor person’s spouse to like them for other than true love. However, do the rich think the same? A rich person would constantly struggle to find a partner who is honestly in love with them and not their wealth, fame or money. Thereby, many rich people have pre-nup lawyers Mt Eliza who writes an agreement before a rich person gets married.

This is a concept that is advised by their reliable family lawyers to avoid any legal issues that the person will have to go through in the future. Usually people willingly get married to rich people so that they can divorce them after some time of the marriage and to become entitled to some of their wealth. This cannot be done if the spouse has entitled themselves to a pre-nup contract or agreement.

Worry about threats to their life and protection of their family.

Rich people often have several body guards with them. These body guards follow them where ever they go. The reason for this is because, a person with wealth will have to face threats such as kidnapping, murders or even accidents. They should worry about their safety constantly as well as the safety of their family members. They are not able to chill in public places or spend a happy time with the family in a park or beach like normal people would do. Their lives are constantly watched by outsiders. Therefore, they cannot live a normal life as a poor person.